Planning and Compliance for Complex Transactions for Business Owners (scheduled webinar)

  • Credits: 3
  • Format: Scheduled Webinar
  • Field of Study: Taxation
  • Author/Speaker: Art Werner
Course ID: Advanced Preparation: Experience Level:
WR-353.LW None Overview
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Every year brings new challenges. Changes in the Code – sometimes hidden in legislation with deceptive names – Court decisions affirming the value or assuring the risk in the advice we gave three years ago – Complex transactions requiring the application of old law to new circumstances – All the sort of things we cover in this advanced-level program.

Topics include:
  • Federal income tax consequences of:
  • Insolvency – Code Section 108 and Bankruptcy Code
  • Late elections – Regulation 301.9100-2 and 3
  • Change in Accounting methods – Code Section 446 and 481
  • Net Operating Loss calculation, carryovers, and limitation – Code Sections 172, and 382


Who Should Attend:
  • All Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)


Qualifies and Approved with all State Boards of Accountancy and the following sponsorship’s: