Financial Fraud Found in the Government (video)

  • Credits: 2
  • Format: Self-Study Video
  • Field of Study: Auditing
  • Author/Speaker: Michael Morgan
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MM-333.21 None Overview
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The Fraud Triangle – Donald Cressey (1953) Opportunity, Incentive or Pressure, and Rationalization or Attitude Discrepancy between pay for government employees versus the private sector occasionally rationalize the misappropriation as compensation to make salary “equal”. A manager uncovered the fraud when his bookkeeper unexpectedly missed a few days of work and he opened a bank statement. While looking through canceled checks from the statement he was shocked, made a few phone calls, and ended his upbringing as a forensic accountant. What type of fraud is this? How does fraud like this occur? What actions could have been used to stop this fraud? How could this have been detected during an audit? These are just a few of the questions we are going to look at and answer.

Topics include:
  • Personnel Fraud
  • Interim Reporting Fraud
  • Personal Use of Public Assets
  • Management Override
  • Misappropriation of Assets
  • Procurement Cards
Who Should Attend:
  • All Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

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